Outdoor shows - always a blast!

More music and video!

We've recorded some additional new LIVE tracks and are very excited to be able to post them here. We've added Love Shack, Rolling in the Deep, Lady Marmalade and Leave Your Hat On. On our video page we've added those and Raise a Little Hell as well. Go to the "watch" and "listen" tabs above to see and hear these songs which were recorded during our show at Riverbash - let us know what you think!

About twelve years ago, a group of co-workers decided to get together and support the fundraising efforts of a local charity through music.

Performing live shows gave them such a kick that they decided to continue performing live music semi-professionally. They have continued to refine their Rock, Pop, Blues, R&B, and R&R repertoire to satisfy a broad range of musical tastes and occasions.

Six of One now plays regularly at venues in and around Ottawa.

Some of our favorite shows are performed outdoors - somehow the feeling of being on stage at an outside venue is second to none. The sound is awesome -  the vocals and instruments take on such amazing characteristics - to us this is the way music was supposed to be shared!




We've been so fortunate to have been invited to perform at everything from benefit shows, Canada Day celebrations and birthday parties, to festivals like Ramsey Road and RiverBash. You just can't beat the ambience of an outdoor concert at any time of year. Give us a call if you want us to be a part of your outdoor celebrations!